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Units of Measurement

MCReport can display reports in either metric or non-metric units. MetroCount RSUs simply time-stamp sensor hits, so the raw data has no concept of units of speed or length. MCReport performs all internal calculations using SI units, and a report's Profile determines the units to be displayed.

The option to use metric or non-metric units can be found in a Profile's Advanced options, under the General page. The various units of measurement that will be used are displayed immediately below.

Selecting units of measurement

Selecting units of measurement

The units of measurement option also affects other options in a Profile, such as the speed range filter and speed bins. When the units of measurement are set via MCReport's New user options these other settings will be set to standard values in the Default Profile.

When toggling the units of measurement in a Profile as described above, other settings will be directly converted between metric and non-metric, which may result in non-standard values. Most options have a Default button available to quickly return to standard values.