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Site List Construction

Creating Site Lists

Newly created Site Lists are stored in the folder specified in MCSetup's Preferences. The default location is the User \ Sites folder located where MTE is installed.

A single Site List may contain thousands of sites, however small groups of related sites per Site List is much more practical.

[Procedure]To create a new Site List
  1. In MCSetup, select File » New Site List.

  2. In the New Site List file box, enter a filename.

  3. Click the Save button and an empty Site List will be displayed.

    Existing Site Lists are opened by selecting File » Open sites.

    When a Site List is closed, MCSetup will ask to save any changes.

Editing Sites

Adding sites to a Site List uses the same dialog box used for RSU setup. The default setup parameters used for the new site can be copied from an existing site, or copied from the header of a RSU.

[Procedure]To add a new site to a Site List
  1. Right-click in a Site List's list pane, and select New site.

    Right-click on an existing site to use its parameters as a starting point.

  2. To create a new site from a RSU that has been manually setup, check the Get initial settings from Roadside Unit option.

    Optionally copy setup parameters from a RSU

    Optionally copy setup parameters from a RSU

  3. Click the Next button to display the setup dialog box.

  4. Enter the setup parameters per normal RSU setup.

    Start times such as Next hour or Next day will be automatically calculated at the time a RSU is setup.

  5. When done, click the OK button.

    Again per normal setup, each parameter will be range-checked, and warnings displayed if necessary.

    The site's icon indicates the type of Sensor Layout selected.

Site uses Classifier Layout.
Site uses Count Layout.

[Procedure]To edit an existing site
  1. Right-click on an existing site, and select Edit site.

  2. Edit as required, and click OK.

    To display a read-only summary of a site, simply double-click.

    Displaying all site parameters

    Displaying all site parameters

[Procedure]To change the start time for a group of sites
  1. In a Site List's list pane, Shift or Ctrl select a group of sites.

  2. Right-click on one of the selected sites, and select Set times.

  3. Confirm changing the selected sites' start time by clicking Yes.

  4. In the Roadside Unit Start Time dialog box, select one of the automatically calculated start times. Remember, the actual time will not be calculated until a RSU is setup.

    Setting the start time for a group of sites

    Setting the start time for a group of sites

  5. Click OK to apply the new start times.

Spreadsheet Editing

Site Lists' comma-separated-values (CSV) format has been designed to provide maximum compatibility with spreadsheet programs. Importing, editing and exporting a Site List through a spreadsheet program should be a seamless process.

The first column on each row indicates the row type. METAMAP and MAP are used for including map files, DOC for comments, and SITE for each site. For Site Lists created by MCSetup, a comment row is included above the site rows to form the column headings when imported into a spreadsheet.

Site List CSV format

Site List CSV format

Each column must adhere to the normal restrictions for that parameter. The following table is a quick-reference.

Site & Attrib

Site & Attribute - maximum 20 characters.


Operator Initials - maximum 3 characters.


Site Description - maximum 70 characters.


Lane Number - number less than 16.

DirA & DirB

Directions A and B - for Classifier Layout use A only and leave B as zero.

  • 0 - Unused or unknown.
  • 1 - North bound, A hit first.
  • 2 - East bound, A hit first.
  • 3 - South bound, A hit first.
  • 4 - West bound, A hit first.
  • 5 - South bound A>B, North bound B>A.
  • 6 - West bound A>B, East bound B>A.
  • 7 - North bound A>B, South bound B>A.
  • 8 - East bound A>B, West bound B>A.

Sensor Layout

  • 0 - Axle sensors - Paired (Class, Speed, Count)
  • 1 - Axle sensors - Separate (Count)
  • 2 - Axle sensors - Split (Count)
  • 3 - Vehicle sensors - Separate (Count)

Checklist state (MCSetup only).

  • 0 - No state.
  • 1 - Site setup.
  • 2 - Site unloaded.
  • 3 - Site unloaded and stopped.

Spacing - must be entered in millimetres (mm). Range is 200 - 3050mm.


Start Time.

  • 0 - Start immediately.
  • 1 - Start next hour.
  • 2 - Start next day.
  • 3 - Start next Monday.
  • 4 - Start next Saturday.
DebA & DebB

Debounce for A and B Sensor - in milliseconds (ms). Recommended is 30 for single lane, 10 for multiple lanes.

Lat & Long

Latitude and Longitude - in degrees. South and West are negative.